Friday, May 6, 2011

One. Two. Twenty Three.

Dearest Plague Rats and internet world and other stumbling humans~
I'm super glad to finally break the procrastination and write out to you for the first time.
Being the first Maggoty blog I feel as I should tell you some long story, or secret,  or something of importance. But I fail to find any words, or choose which entertaining tale I shall bestow upon you for the first time.
So I will leave you with this.. something I wrote a few months ago when I was feeling down. I'm inspired to share this with you for a few reasons, one of them being stumbling upon a fan page for Captain Maggot's Smile, which touched my heart so sweetly to know that my smile can make others smile and hope that those smiles can be passed on and on and on.
If you can, try to do all of these in one day. It's not hard to do, and it may just lift your spirits in a special way. :)

"twenty three things.

when i was feeling lost inside a world that is too big and too small i tried to remember whoandwhy i was and i couldn't remember. so i wrote down this list of things i could do everyday to help me remember.
they're everyday things. easy things. things that make you happy. things that make other people happy. things that make the world go round. things that make me feel me. things that make you feel you. things that make you feel me. things that make me feel you.

1. smile at someone
2. laugh silly-like
3. dream
4. breathe slow deep breaths
5. dance
6. experiment
7. do, go, think, say something different each day
8. move slower and observe
9. talk in a funny voice
10. shake and spazz
11. compliment a stranger
12. give something away/give someone a present
13. make a rhyme
14. draw a face and write a story 
15. look for the moon
16. kiss
17. let go of something that bothers you
18. touch yourself gently
19. think vividly about a place far away
20. surprise someone 
21. play with a child or animal
22. sing
23. say i love you 

with love and nonsense~
Maggie Maggots Magee.